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Platform Name Hyperlink Brief description
Win32 AppleWin 1.10.4
(Oliver Schmidt)
Development stopped Oliver Schmidt did a lot of improvement since Michael O'Brien release, Tom Charlesworth now pickup the development and keep improving.
Win32 AppleWin v1.27.2.0
(Open Source) Tom Charlesworth improved AppleWin base on Oliver Schmidt's 1.10.4 source, later he release AppleWin as Open Source and many other contributors now work together to make it even better.
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Win32 Apple in PC
(2018-02-03) By Kim Keonwoo, support phasor and mockingboard emulation, once stopped, now development restored.
Win32 dapple v1.42-15a3
(Frozen) A DOS emulator by Steve (Usotsuki) Nickolas. Stopped development for the time being because of some coding problems.
OSX Virtual][ v8.2 By Gerard Putter. It really the best Apple emulator among all OS (not Free), special features including Disk][ track reading sound, accurate Mockingboard emulation and also dot-matrix printer emulation.