Game Cassette Remember the good old days when loading tapes?

In 1982, I'm about age 13. I start to play my own APPLE ][ when tape still widely used. Thanks to BAHCL, he give me many apple floppy disk and several tapes. These two game was rather old and simple, it bring back my long lost memory ...

"LOAD" means loading the tape content into memory and run. But at that time, the tape will load and autorun (fascinating! Isn't it?), to break it you must have another tape call "Load Breaker" to read the real address of the tape, and load it into memory.

Usually you'll found tapes with "200.2FFR". This is the strongest protection for tapes. When you enter monitor mode by typing "CALL-151" then "200.2FFR" to read the tape, the game will executed automatically, which you have no way to save it, but I've managed to crack it by loading into other addess like "800.8FFR" and decode the content and see the size of the game and it's original starting point.
Click here to listen the Apple][ cassette tape sound <LITTLE GALAXIAN> (557 KB)

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ACT I use to have a lot of ACT, SKC and MAXELL disk many years ago! With my PARAGON floppy drive, I've enjoy many gaming fun also some serious AppleWorks data input. At the very beginning I like DATALIFE and DYSAN, but soon they're fading away because of the price tag too high, then I buy PROMAS and MAXELL, sometimes friend will trade games with disk together, so I've some ACT or other brands ... I found ACT will die easily, SKC's bad sector growing when the humidity was high (Hong Kong rarely have low humidity), the last choice is MAXELL made by Japan which have a similar climate like Hong Kong. And my very last box of disk is MAXELL which the box is in red and silver color.

SKC Actually I didn't lik SKC because it's easy to have bad sector. But it's very cheap and popular in Golden Shopping Arcade (it's renamed in 2000, before it's not build for computer but also Boutique, Accessories ... etc). Also my principle is towards quality over quantity. So I've only a few SKC.

Especially this one is from a famous "cheap" shop which charge only HK$3 for a single side. For a period of time it's full of people (only male) squeezing into the narrow passage to wait for copy, I did a few copy from it but for some protected disk I usually go to reliable shop Diskeyland, some really Apple experts there, they have their own copy program for the protection, it's 100% reliable except your floppy full of bad sector.

Perfect The last one I want to talk about is the PERFECT disk, this is a very old disk. After 1986 it's vanished from the market. I still remember my friend Freddy have a lot of this, we enjoy many games such as Evolution, Sammy Lightfoot, Jungle Hunt ... etc. Though the quality is not good but I really miss it.