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Did you know there're over 1000 different PC mainboard in the world?

Since the IBM PC-XT (8086), and the first "clone" from Compaq, a lot of different PC variant on the market. So the software have to take care of all these, even if some of them fade out already.

This is a tough job for FreeDOS (or other DOS such as DR-DOS). They have to take care the old and the new hardware at the same time, just like build a house for the dinosaur and human to live, conflicts inevitable.

I'm lucky that got new and old hardware to test, and I want to share my experience with others.

Take a look ...
IBM eServer - A FreeDOS test on the Xeon 3GHz RAID Server
IBM eServer - 140GB Dual RAID-5 SCSI Hard Disk Array
FreeDOS FDISK failed to make a bootable partition, Jeremy now working on a fix.

I got no choice but to use the Win98 FDISK, side effect was ... maximum partition size only reach 8GB (HD-1 = Array 1), but FreeDOS FDISK can utilize full size 140GB (HD-2 = Array 2)

Also the latest FreeCOM (2005-07-20) was used