My Collection of DOS Documents
When I bought my very first PC, I got no idea how to use it!

It's an IBM PC clone with NEC V20 (5.2MHz approximate), Phoenix BIOS, with 256KB Memory on-board, need a RAM card to expand to 640K, a CGA graphics card, no hard disk, got a PC-DOS 3.3 and a few games.

That was a 2nd-hand PC, the guy taught me how to execute a program, and leave me alone.

What I know was very limited, so most of the time I boot up the PC-DOS 3.3 and start my favorite ALLEY CAT published by IBM, sometimes I play the "Romance of the 3 Kingdoms" and "Nobunaga's Ambition" by KOEI (Japan), this few games help me to overcome the boring DOS lessons.

Many years later, people bring back their DOS back from their basement and garage. I think it's time for me to help the others who start to learn DOS, since they're "born" with Windows, need someone to help. And I'm willing to help.

Special thanks to Mr. Jack R. Ellis for his EXCELLENT drivers, BAHCL's PaGer, Lucho's boot disk image, gotoMSDOS's TOdisk, also Wengier Wu and the nice people in China DOS Union.