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Directory Control - A tiny and easy file manager for DOS DC14.ZIP (65.2 Kb)
FEA02.ZIP (24.3 Kb)
This program is closely based on the CO and DR programs, both written by Michael J. Mefford and published in PC Magazine, vol.6, #17 and #21, 1987. I have combined features from these two programs and also added a number of new features of my own. This program is released into the public domain, as is, with no warranties of any kind. I will be happy to supply source code to any interested party, with the request that, if you make any significant changes, modifications, or improvements, you please share these changes, preferably in source code form, with me and the rest of the PC user community at no charge. Since the original CO and DR code that makes up a major part of DC is copyrighted by PC Magazine and Mike Mefford, I believe that commercial sale of any variations based on this code by anyone but the copyright holders would be improper, if not downright illegal.

Acknowledgments: My thanks to Steve Grandi of U. Arizona for adding the DOS shell function to DC. Steve has also implemented a UNIX style -switch version uses "/" instead of "\" as the path delimiter. Additional thanks to Russ Nelson for the alternate menu code and EGA checking and to Gordon Haff who has provided numerous ideas through his extensive modification of DC into an even better program, DF, also available through your local BBS.

[1] COD6-1.06f code by Peter Esherick
[2] 1.07-1.1 modified by Gerhard Karnik (
[3] 1.2-1.3 modified by BAHCL

Revision History


2007-11-03 1. left/right arrow keys to access other drives
2. Alt-v,Tab to view and change directory
3. Enter to change directory or invoke FEA
4. Spacebar is to get all associated programs
5. Display Chinese filename with OLB5 (L.SF1)
6. Relocate P-copy to L.SF9
7. Changes to screen layout
8. Fix a bug that hangs up when handling more than 255 files
9. The problem of "Too many files" solved, L.SF6,L.SF7,L.SF8


2007-02-15 1. bug fix while returning from directory with extension
2. handle filename with embedded white space
3. sort correctly for big files
4. mouse interface
5. invoke FEA with tab key


2006-08-20 1. Display free disk space in (MB/KB/bytes)
2. Remap Alt-keys to Lshift-keys to make DC work with DOSEMU
3. Ignore request to delete/rename .. directory
4. Modify file attribute HSRA with Lsh.F5
5. Show disk volume label, file system type, if available
6. Make DC cloneable for DOS_PROG1, DOS_PROG2
7. Make SAVE/RESTORE DOS screen optional while assembling DC
8. replace @@ with @nnnn labels to satisfy ASM
9. uses ASM -- a public domain assembler
10. use DC12.BAT -- a new batch file for creating DC
11. Update the DC.DOC
12. Move program development history to this file
Gerhard Karnik


Original DOS screen is restored upon exit from program (up to 132x50)
ALT 1 now calls up vpic (by default)
ALT 2 now calls up vplay (by default)
Marked-file-bytes display now works if more than 10 meg bytes
Gerhard Karnik


1990-06 Support for screen sizes other than 80x25
1.06f1989-11 Fix VIEW bug in number of lines displayed
New patch location for default sort
Reverse logic of snow check patch point
Fix get_mem bug when less than 64k to grab
complements Russell Nelson:
Sensing the EGA and disengaging snow control if one is present,
Changing the menu if they hold down the Alt or Ctrl key.
Other additions:
1.051988-10-24 Fix minor bug in return from shell
Add Ins/Del as duplicates to Grey +/- keys
Put Menu changes
Fix Backspace bug
Fix Sort msg clear problem introduced in 1.04
Restore Ctrl-Break status in DOS Shell
1.04d1988-05-29 Work on display speed/ cursor overrun problem
Rename a few subroutines (for clarity?)
1.04a1988-05-12 Changed memory management for DOS shell
Add Steve Grandi's modifications
add Alt-F2 as "shell to DOS" command
(If SWITCH != '/', make all output strings use '/' as path delimiter)
(eliminate CR as view mode exit character)
1.03f1988-05-09 Save and restore original text attribute
Simplify clutter of clear window subroutines
Add customizable option switchchar for UNIX hacks
Fix bug occurring in copy of 0 byte size files
Fix error that occurs when rename is applied to destination dir
Fix writing to prn once more
Add Refresh to original order sort
Minor fixes and revisions to save a few bytes
Add rename for directories
More work on error recovery - write protected target
1.021988-03-22 Add escape/return to error handler
Fix minor bug in view/ascii and wrap of 80 char + cr,lf
Added Alt-F1 "Protected Copy" function.
Tweaked file view function to save 4 bytes.
Now highlights last sub-dir viewed when returning to parent dir
1.011988-03-07 Modified method of handling directory changes
F9 (change work dir) now relative to displayed work dir
Allow specifying both source and dest paths on entry
COD1-COD91987-12 to 1988-03 Combined DR and CO,
Re-worked file read/write sequence to minimize disk swaps
Expanded file copy buffer to available memory
Added ability to change directories
Expanded display of bytes free to include both source and target disks
Added "spedometer" display of bytes in marked files
Added "View" options to :
- Toggle word wrap,
- Horizontal scroll
- Blanking or full suppression of non-ASCII