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Add DOS to preInstalled Windows
Guide was provided by the courtesy of Mark Bailey

You need to download 2 files:
1 fdinst095.pdf ( 748 KB ) - The guide in PDF format
2 fdinst095.7z ( 29.1 MB ) - A 7-ZIP compressed ISO CD-ROM image

When you bought a brand new PC from manufacturers such as DELL, IBM or HP. A preInstalled Windows XP (or Vista later) was loaded. But when you plan to dual boot it by adding a DOS environment, you found that the hard disk only have a single partition ...

Oh NO, it's in NTFS also! You have to re-partition the hard disk and reinstall everything! Bunch of drivers and applications, hours of work ... IT'S NIGHTMARE!!!

Thanks to Mr. Mark Bailey, now we can skip those steps, and don't need to buy any commercial software, you can have a dinner outside and perhaps donate several dollars to the authors from the spare change.

Since the guide have several screen captures and quoted text, the author prepared the document in PDF format. Please download and follow the steps, you'll found it's EASY.

I recommened this guide whole-heartly, it save me lots of time!

* Use [ 7-Zip ] to decompress archive with extension 7z, 7-Zip can be download from:
** Use [ CDRTools Frontend ] to burn ISO image, get it from:

Revision History
0.94 Beta2006-11-28 Update document according to changes in GParted.
0.95 Beta2006-11-29 Change document because of install script's problem.