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Other nice DOS related website (update on: 2007-01-07)

Mirror to Lucho's Disk Images
LZ-DOS (EDR-DOS) / 4DOS / FM boot disks! Made by Luchezar Georgiev.

It contains the best DOS kernels, shell and file manager (FM) in the world as well as: the best LFN, UMB, and XMS managers for DOS. All of them can freely and perfectly legally be used in personal AND commercial projects, with the exception of the EDR-DOS kernel which can't be used commercially.

Check out the READTHIS.TXT in the folder. Blair Campbell's software, he coded and ported a lot of application from Unix, Win32 to DOS Erwin Veermans great NwDsk (NetWare Boot Disk), other than NetWare support, also an universal boot disk including a lot of utilities for veteran's Many Windows and DOS tools, the most important is JEMM386 and HX DOS-Extender. JEMM386 is currently the best EMM386 replacement, HX can emulate Win32API, program such as 7-Zip command line can work on DOS now! Charlie Wilkes homepage, he suggested some great applications for DOS AXCEL216 / MDGx MAX Speeed WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets StuffNet - Collection of DOS essentials
Mirror: Interesting DOS programs - Dave's collection of DOS stuffs
Other Please send me info. if you know any good DOS website, thanks!

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