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Luchezar Georgiev's Bootable Floppy / CD Image (Updated: 2008-05-30)
READTHIS.TXT 6.8 KB Description of the files included
LICENSE.TXT 2.1 KB License information of 4DOS
COMBOOTF.IMA 1.44 MB Hex boot LZ-DOS + PC-DOS + EDR-DOS + PTS-DOS + ROM-DOS + FreeDOS boot disk image /w utilities
METAKERN.RAR 12.6 KB Multi-boot loader by Eric Auer
SFX14436.RAR 14 KB Self-extracting disk image stub SFX14436 (DOS) by Steve Nikolas (Dosius), (Win2K/XP) SFX144NT port by Lucho
ISOSTUBS.RAR 550 B Head and tail stub of an ISO (CD-ROM) image
DRSYS.RAR 45.7 KB Sources of EDR-DOS SYS (derived from FreeDOS)
KERN_SRC.EXE 252.3 KB Kernel Source Code (Self-Extract)
MKEYB.ZIP 58.6 KB Source code of mKEYB, a minimum keyboard driver for DOS
DISCLAIM.TXT 2.7 KB Disclaimer