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PELS - A Processor benchmark for DOS PELS.ZIP (15.9 Kb)
Freeware (c) 1998 S.E.Burd
Keywords Processor benchmark, emulator testing.


Dos, Windows, Bochs(LINUX), or practicaly any Dos emulation
80386+80387 (real or emulated)
ca. 74k low dos memory
VGA adapter 640x480x4bit


Pels was written in an attempt to test a PC emulator on the CBM Amiga. The minimal requirements are quite deliberate and should only trouble users with 286/386sx hardware. By chance rather than any programming talent it is still usable on up to date PC's/dos emulations. Tested with all versions of DOS after MSDOS 3.3 and also Freedos, Caldera, PCdos and so on.


Originally Fern.bas, a single colour L-system fern plotter. Modified over a couple years to use 386/387 instructions and to use multicolour (16) display. Click in Explorer or type Pels in dos and allow at least 10 seconds to get a result, tap the spacebar to exit and see your computer's Pels figure. The end text display gives a figure for your hard/software configuration in PixELs per Second (hence Pels). If you run under windows use full screen rather than a windowed dosbox.

My current PC is AMD Duron (Morgan) 1200mhz and achieves a Pels rating of 105000 under plain Dos 8.0 and under Windows ME the figure is 98000. I would be interested to hear from any user about their Pels rating, please include some info about the hardware and software environment which you ran pels on. Also, an e-mail request IS required in order to gain permission to include Pels.exe on cd-rom (even the "free" disks included with computer magazines). Distribution via the internet does not require permission even if on a floppy or cd-rom image as long as no fees are charged for supplying the image. You may not use this software if you work for a military organisation in any capacity!

ste . burd @ talk21 . com

Written in Powerbasic, packed with Apack -m, Pels.exe is 15062 bytes. Pels exits with error messages if the minimum req's are not met. 8-)