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TOdisk - HardDisk/Partition/Sector Backup/Restorer <by SECTOR CLONE > TODISK-13A.ZIP ( 65.9 Kb )
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TOdisk version 1.3 Alpha
Copyright (c) 2006-2007 by GOTOmsdos, Jan 13 2007 (Email:
Homepage : (Most of the text in Chinese)

Many THANKS to :
- johnsonlam (HONGKONG), fastslz from China DOS Union
- Lizhi (author of DDCOPY)
- Lucho (one of key developers of FreeDOS)
- other enthusiasts
Welcome to visit (for DOS intercourse): < China DOS Union > < Audio Gang Internet Home, DOS section >

TOdisk is a command line utility which perform TRUE sector clone, so it can handle different file system such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2 ... etc.

TOdisk embedded the mature and famous ZLIB compression library, user can adjust compression size and speed according to their needs.

The command line parameters can be simple (simply clone the whole hard disk), but also can be very powerful, for example, it can do batch jobs, just clone a certain number of sectors, multiple image with password ... etc.

For detail usage, please refer to the README.TXT in the package.

Revision History (Descending)
V1.3 alpha2007-01-13 Please refer to NEW.TXT (GB2312) or NEW_T.TXT (BIG5)
V1.2 alpha2006-09-15 Please refer to NEW.TXT (GB2312) or NEW_T.TXT (BIG5)
V1.1 alpha2006-09-15 Improved base on suggestions in China DOS Union's forum
V1.0 alpha2006-09-02 Improved base on suggestions in China DOS Union's forum
Before V1.02006-08-29 Initial Release